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08/30/1998 09:51:01 Terms of Russian political deal

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MOSCOW, Aug 30 (Reuters) - Acting Prime Minister Viktor

Chernomyrdin and leaders of the Communist-led lower house of

parliament on Sunday approved a deal aimed at building a

political consensus to save Russia from economic collapse.

President Boris Yeltsin and parliamentary parties are due

to sign the accord before it comes into effect. The draft is to

be delivered to Yeltsin for consideration later on Sunday.

Following are some details of the yet unpublished draft

deal as outlined by different officials and Russian news


- The prime minister will need to get parliamentary backing

in forming the bulk of his government. Currently only the

premier is approved by parliament which has no further role in

forming the government. The Duma should revise the Law on the

Government in a month's time to include the changes.

- The president retains his exclusive right to nominate the

ministers of defence, interior and foreign affairs as well as

the powerful chief of the Federal Security Service.

- Yeltsin agrees not to dissolve the State Duma until it

serves out its full term in late 1999.

- Until then the Duma will not initiate a vote of

no-confidence in the government, while the cabinet will not ask

the Duma to hold a confidence vote.

- The law on mass media should be amended to introduce some

form of public control over state-run television.

Apart from the political draft the sides have agreed the

Duma's ruling council will meet early on Monday to consider

again whether to debate and vote on Chernomyrdin's confirmation

later in the day.

The Communist leaders have said they need more time for

consultations with their allies and Chernomyrdin and urged the

chamber to put off the debates until Tuesday or even later.

A separate economic policy blueprint was broadly agreed

last week but details of it have yet to be published.

Foto: REUTERS. Russian miners walk past an advertising poster for holidays in Tunis as they march through central Moscow to celebrate miners day August 30. Acting Prime Minister Viktor Chernomyrdin resumed talks with opponents on Sunday on a deal which could strip President Boris Yeltsin of some of his sweeping powers.

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