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MOSCOW, Aug 28 (Reuters) - Rusian acting Prime Minister

Viktor Chernomyrdin reached a consensus on political strategy

with leaders of the opposition-dominated parliament on Friday, a

spokesman for the Communist lower house speaker said.

Giving no details of that consensus, Mikhail Belyat told

reporters that President Boris Yeltsin's chief-of-staff Valentin

Yumashev also agreed with the broad strategy discussed at an

all-party meeting in the State Duma lower house.

The Duma, which will vote on Monday on whether to confirm

Chernomyrdin in office, has been pressing for assurances that

his new government will reform the 1993 constitution to limit

Yeltsin's powers and give more weight to parliament.

The Kremlin, where Yeltsin denied speculation he planned to

step down, has been resisting that pressure.

Chernomyrdin, whom Yeltsin recalled as premier last Sunday

after five months in the political wilderness, was expected to

comment shortly on the outcome of his meeting with the Duma


The meeting was also expected to discuss opposition demands

that Chernomyrdin restore state controls on the economy in

return for its support. Chernomyrdin aides have said there is

already broad consensus on increasing some regulation to combat

the present crisis while retaining a market system.

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