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08/28/1998 13:08:58 Russian police to watch out for "speculators"

MOSCOW, Aug 28 (Reuters) - Russia's interior minister said

on Friday police were keeping an eye on "speculators" in an

effort to stabilise the crisis-ridden country.

"All necessary measures to stabilise the situation in

Russian cities were being taken," acting Interior Minister

Sergei Stepashin said in remarks reported by Interfax news


"The main thing is that the majority of the population not

fall into the paws of speculators. Several shops have been

closing. I understand that we have a market economy, but there

are also state and law-enforcement organs to regulate it."

He said police were controlling all exchange points and

banks and taking steps to crack down on capital flight.

In a country where so-called "speculation" was once a

capital crime and armed commandos still rappel down the sides of

buildings to collect taxes, officials sometimes threaten to use

force to regulate the market.

Their remarks are usually dismissed as bluster, although

this week's sudden sharpening of Russia's economic crisis has

raised the spectre of social unrest.

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