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08/25/1998 09:25:11 Russia's new government: who's in and who's out

MOSCOW, Aug 25 (Reuters) - The following is a list of

leading Russian ministers likely to stay or leave the government

after the sacking of Prime Minister Sergei Kiriyenko on Sunday.

Acting Prime Minister Viktor Chernomyrdin has yet to win

confirmation from parliament and to indicate whom he will retain

in the government but there are early indications from ministers

and government sources.

SERGEI KIRIYENKO, the ex-prime minister, is unlikely to have

a job in the new government.

BORIS NEMTSOV, deputy prime minister, says he does not want

to serve in the new Chernomyrdin government as he believes it

will not succeed in tackling the country's economic problems.

OLEG SYSUYEV, a deputy prime minister who served under

Chernomyrdin and Kiriyenko, is likely to leave, according to

Russian news reports.

VIKTOR KHRISTENKO, deputy prime minister who joined the

government after Kiriyenko came to power, is likely to leave,

according to NTV commercial television.

BORIS FYODOROV, tax chief appointed deputy prime minister

overseeing macroeconomics last week, is expected to keep his

job, which could make him the most prominent reformer in the new


YEVGENY PRIMAKOV, the former spymaster who serves as foreign

minister, is expected to stay on.

IGOR SERGEYEV, the defence minister, is likely to keep his

position after meeting Yeltsin in the Kremlin on Monday.

SERGEI STEPASHIN, the interior minister, is likely to keep

his position after meeting Yeltsin in the Kremlin on Monday.

MIKHAIL ZADORNOV, the finance minister, is under debate,

according to Kremlin sources, but ultimately is likely to


YAKOV URINSON, economy minister criticised by Yeltsin two

weeks ago, was reported to have filed a resignation letter two

days before Kiriyenko's government was sacked. Chernomyrdin

holds him in high esteem and it is unclear whether he would

agree to stay in the new team.

YURI MASLYUKOV, former head of Gosplan, the monstrous

Soviet-era ministry of centralised planning, was brought into

Kiriyenko's government earlier this month as a part of a

compromise with the influential Communist Party and is most

likely to remain in the new government.

ANATOLY CHUBAIS, prominent reformer and the outgoing

government's economic guru who is chief negotiator with

international financial institutions, is not a government member

and was not formally affected by the government's resignation.

He is likely to retain a strong influence in the cabinet but it

is unclear whether he will have a formal position in the


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