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MOSCOW, Aug 23 (Reuters) - President Boris Yeltsin sacked

Russia's government on Sunday and named former premier Viktor

Chernomyrdin as the acting prime minister, the Kremlin said.

The Kremlin issued a written statement saying Yeltsin had

signed a decree outlining the moves but gave no explanation.

Yeltsin and Prime Minister Segrei Kiriyenko, who served only

four months in office, have been under fire over their handling

of a financial crisis.

The State Duma, the lower house of parliament, blasted the

government's handling of the crisis at an emergency session on

Friday and called for a government of national trust to be

formed. It passed a resolution urging Yeltsin to resign.

The Communist Party, the dominant force in the Duma, had

also been threatening to call a no-confidence vote in the

government this week.

It was the second time Yeltsin has sacked his entire

government this year. He dismissed Chernomyrdin, 60, and his

cabinet on March 23, saying he needed a new prime minister to

inject new life into market economic reforms.

But Russian shares have plummeted since then in a loss of

investors' confidence in the economy, hit by the aftershocks of

economic crisis in Asia and a fall in world prices of oil,

Russia's main export.

Speculation that Chernomyrdin, 60, might return had risen in

the last few days following the announcement of a de facto

devaluation of the rouble on Monday.

Chernomyrdin served as prime minister for more than five

years until March. He won a reputation as a solid but

unspectacular reformer, and announced plans to run in the next

presidential election shortly after he was dismissed in March.

Interfax news agency said Chernomyrdin was already holding

consultations on forming a new government.

Foto: REUTERS. President Boris Yeltsin sacked Russia's government on Sunday and named Viktor Chernomyrdin as the acting prime minister. Former Prime Minister Sergei Kiriyenko (L), who served only four months in office and has been under fire over handling the country's financial crisis, is shown meeting Chernomyrdin (R) in this 9 April 1998 file photo.

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