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08/20/1998 02:07:15 Reuters World News Highlights

PORT MATADI, Congo - Congolese rebels say they have captured

the last major government strongpoint blocking their march on

President Laurent Kabila's capital Kinshasa.

- - - -

WASHINGTON - Monica Lewinsky returns to the grand jury on

Thursday for more questions about her sexual affair with

President Bill Clinton, amid reports that Clinton has already

given investigators a DNA sample.

- - - -

DUBLIN - Irish Prime Minister Bertie Ahern announced

"extremely draconian" new measures intended to bring to justice

the guerrillas responsible for the Omagh car bomb which killed 28


- - - -

KABUL - Afghanistan's Taleban Islamic movement promised to

protect dissident Saudi Arabian millionaire Osama bin Laden,

saying the watch it keeps on him made it certain he was not

behind the bombing of U.S. embassies in East Africa.

- - - -

MOSCOW - The embattled Russian government sought to reassure

both foreign investors and the public that they would not suffer

unduly from its drastic moves to try to stabilise the economy.

- - - -

WASHINGTON - Indonesian officials may have pocketed or

diverted more than one-fifth of World Bank development funds sent

to the country, according to a 1997 internal World Bank document.

- - - -

LUCKNOW, India - More than 200 people, many of them Hindu

pilgrims, were feared dead on Wednesday after a huge landslide

hit a remote mountain road in northern India, officials said.

- - - -

LONDON - Amnesty International said that companies investing

in Myanmar can no longer claim ignorance of widespread forced

labour and should ensure their operations in the country do not

violate human rights.

- - - -

BELGRADE - A top European Union official warned of an

impending "humanitarian catastrophe" for Kosovo refugees amid

fresh reports of clashes in the Serbian province.

- - - -

BOSTON - U.S. scientists argued that the few remaining stocks

of smallpox virus should be destroyed immediately, and not next

year as scheduled, to end the risk they will be stolen cand used

as a biological weapon.

- - - -

TEHRAN - Iran has called on U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan

to help in securing the release of Iranians held by the Afghan

Taleban movement, the official news agency IRNA said.

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