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08/14/1998 19:45:07 Clinton, Yeltsin call not "about money"-McCurry

WASHINGTON, Aug 14 (Reuters) - A 40-minute conversation

between President Bill Clinton and Russian President Boris

Yeltsin on Friday was not "about money" although the two agreed

to work together to bolster the Russian economy, the White

House said.

"This was not a phone call about money," White House

spokesman Mike McCurry told reporters. "It was a phone call

about doing the things necessary to right an economy that has

been struggling to move forward."

McCurry's comment, as well as statements by another U.S.

official about the conversation earlier on Friday, appeared to

suggest Clinton and Yeltsin had not discussed the possibility

of further international assistance for Russia.

The White House spokesman said Russia must fully implement

its economic program with the International Monetary Fund (IMF)

which agreed to provide $11.2 billion in loans as part of a

broader, $22.6 billion aid package agreed last month.

McCurry said that the two had had some discussion about the

ruble, but declined to offer details.

Clinton emerged from the conversation convinced that

Yeltsin understands the importance of restoring economic

stability in his country, McCurry added.

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