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Обновлено: 14 авг. 2018 г.

NOVGOROD, Russia, Aug 14 (Reuters) - President Boris Yeltsin

said on Friday that Russia would not devalue the rouble and that

recent problems on Moscow's financial markets were partly the

result of a new wave of global market troubles.

"There will be no devaluation -- that's firm and definite,"

he told reporters after arriving in the mediaeval city of

Novgorod in northwestern Russia from his nearby holiday

residence at Valdai.

"At the moment, there is a new wave of world financial

crisis and we have to brace ourselves again to be able to deal

with this situation," he said. "We've calculated our reserves

and are ready to resist this wave."

Yeltsin, looking well as he descended from a helicopter with

his wife Naina to be greeted by local officials, said he had no

intention of breaking his holiday to return to Moscow because of

the market upsets.

"That would signify that there was turmoil, that would

signify that there was a disaster and that everything was

collapsing," he said. "On the contrary, everything is going as

it should. The president is resting."

He said his main tasks when he returned from vacation would

be "certain financial and personnel issues", indicating that he

might reshuffle his government. He also planned to prepare for

the parliamentary election which is due late next year.

Видео: Президентский центр Бориса ЕльцинаАвгуст 1998. Поездка в Новгород. Беседа с прессой о возможной девальвации рубля, кадрах, подготовке к думским выборам. Посещение завода "Квант". Общение с жителями города, рабочими мясокомбината. Ответы на вопросы журналистов.
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