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08/11/1998 01:58:48 Reuters World News Highlights

WASHINGTON - The United States offered a reward of up to

$2 million for information leading to the arrest and

conviction of those who bombed American embassies in Kenya and

Tanzania last Friday.

- - - -

LUANDA - Fighting has flared between the Angolan armed

forces (FAA) and the UNITA rebel movement in the northern

province of Malanje, United Nations officials said.

- - - -

PRISTINA, Serbia - Serb sources said ethnic Albanian

guerrillas killed 10 policemen in the Serbian province of

Kosovo as diplomatic efforts continued to end the violence.

- - - -

ALMATY - Tajikistan is stengthening its southern flank,

aid agencies are on alert and Central Asian leaders are

fretting over the growing influence of Afghanistan's hardline

Islamic Taleban movement in the far north.

- - - -

KINSHASA - After a week of stunning setbacks, President

Laurent Kabila's army says it is holding its ground against

Rwandan-backed rebels in the former Zaire.

- - - -

SRINAGAR, India - At least 19 people were killed in

separatist violence and firefights between security forces and

militants in India's strife-torn Jammu and Kashmir state.

- - - -

CHICAGO - The bodies of 11 of the 12 Americans killed in

the bombing of the U.S. Embassy in Nairobi will arrive on

Thursday at Andrews Air Force Base outside Washington, where

President Bill Clinton will speak at a memorial service, the

White House said.

- - - -

MOSCOW - Authorities in the Chelyabinsk region of central

Russia claimed a breakthrough in talks with coal miners who

have been blocking the Trans-Siberian railway for two weeks

demanding payment of wage arrears.

- - - -

MASERU - The government of Lesotho agreed to the

appointment of a regional committee to investigate opposition

allegations of electoral fraud, defusing a political crisis

which had turned violent.

- - - -

BOGOTA - A gang of thieves armed with sub-machine guns

took at least 20 people hostage in a Bogota shopping centre

after bungling a bid to rob a nearby bank, police said.

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