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08/10/1998 17:37:17 Russian Communists meet to discuss autumn protests

MOSCOW, Aug 10 (Reuters) - The leadership of Russia's

Communist Party, the biggest party in parliament, met on Monday

to discuss autumn plans to oppose the economic reform programme

of President Boris Yeltsin.

"Today we have discussed the time, period, dates, the way

we'll participate and organise, our demands," party leader

Gennady Zyuganov told NTV television. "Our demands remain as

before -- Yeltsin's resignation, a change in policy and the

formation of a government of national trust."

Yeltsin and Prime Minister Sergei Kiriyenko over the summer

have won approval for large parts of an economic austerity plan

that helped win $22.5 billion in international credits.

The government is hoping the Communist-led lower house of

parliament, the State Duma, will interrupt its summer vacation

to meet later this month to debate other parts of the crisis


But Interfax news agency quoted Zyuganov as saying he saw no

reason to hold an August session of the Duma.

"So far they haven't even received documents on the bills"

from the government, he complained.

However, Interfax quoted Deputy Prime Minister Viktor

Khristenko as saying the government planned to introduce seven

laws to the Duma for debate at a special session, which

officials are hoping will take place August 19-20.

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