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08/10/1998 04:50:34 ЗАГОЛОВКИ мировых новостей Рейтер 06.00 МСК

NAIROBI - Investigators looking into the deadly bomb attacks

on two U.S. embassies will be following some leads into Friday's

twin explosions but warned that it could take some time to

identify the culprits.

- - - -

DAR ES SALAAM - A security camera placed on top of the U.S.

embassy in the Tanzanian capital may have filmed the sequence of

Friday's events leading up to a blast that killed ten people, a

U.S. diplomat said.

- - - -

BELFAST - Britain welcomed news that a hard-line Protestant

guerrilla group opposed to the Northern Ireland peace deal was

giving up violence.

- - - -

KABUL - Afghanistan's opposition alliance blamed "traitors"

for the loss of a strategic northern city to the purist Islamic

Taleban, as fighting raged on a separate front near Kabul.

- - - -

KINSHASA - President Laurent Kabila's government has accused

Uganda of joining fellow neighbour Rwanda in sending troops into

the Democratic Republic of the Congo to fight in a week-old

Tutsi-led revolt.

- - - -

PRISTINA, Serbia - Yugoslav army troops seized weapons and

ammunition from Kosovo Albanian guerrillas trying to smuggle

them across the border from Albania, military sources said.

- - - -

WASHINGTON - The head of a leading women's activist group

urged President Bill Clinton to address the nation about the

White House sex-and-perjury scandal, as a new poll showed

support for Clinton wavering among women.

- - - -

BEIJING - Officials in China's Hubei province destroyed some

secondary dikes along the Yangtze River to try and avert killer

floods threatening seven million people in the provincial

capital Wuhan, state media reported.

- - - -

DAR ES SALAAM - U.S. pathologists were due to start

post-mortems on the corpses of 10 people killed in a bomb blast

outside the U.S. embassy in the Tanzanian capital on Friday.

- - - -

ROME - Italian police, fighting to stem a tide of illegal

immigration, said they had arrested a Moroccan man believed to

have masterminded the escape of some 54 North African refugees

from a "welcome centre".

- - - - WASHINGTON - U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine

Albright said the United States would never agree to lift

sanctions against Iraq unless Baghdad fully cooperated with U.N.

arms inspectors.

- - - -

WASHINGTON - Independent counsel Kenneth Starr is

endangering the presidency with his relentless probe of the

White House sex-and-perjury allegations, Watergate reporters Bob

Woodward and Carl Bernstein said.

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