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08/07/1998 14:22:27 Basketball-Karassev shoots Russia into world semifinals

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ATHENS, Aug 7 (Reuters) - Point guard Vassilij Karassev scored 31 points to

shoot Russia into the semifinals of the world basketball championship as his

side ultimately overwhelmed Lithuania 82-67 in their quarter-final clash on


Lithuania led 38-35 halftime but the Russians came out for the second period

like men inspired and quickly swept to 49-42 and later 57-50 as Karassev

increasingly made his mark.

Lithuania, encouraged by top scorer Saulius Stombergas on 17 points, managed

to get to 61-63 with four minutes left but it all fell apart after that as the

Russians moved impressively into overdrive.

It was a magnificent performance by Karassev, boding well for Saturday's

semifinal when Russia, runners-up in 1994, will meet either the United States or

Italy who were playing their quarter-final later on Friday.

In other quarter-finals favourites Yugoslavia were meeting Argentina while

hosts Greece were playing Spain.

AthensRussia's centre Vitali Nossov celebrates beating Lithuania during the first quarter final against Lithuania of the World Basketball Championship in Athens' Olympic Stadium August 7. Russia won 82-6

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