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08/07/1998 05:32:41 ЗАГОЛОВКИ мировых новостей Рейтер 06.00 МСК

UNITED NATIONS - The Security Council called Baghdad's

decision to halt cooperation with U.N. weapons inspectors

"totally unacceptable" and urged it not to take the step.

- - - -

WASHINGTON - Monica Lewinsky, the woman at the heart of the

White House sex-and-perjury scandal, testified to a grand jury

that has been investigating her alleged sexual affair with

President Bill Clinton.

- - - -

BELGRADE - The United States warned Yugoslavia to stop a

Serbian offensive in Kosovo, while the European Union demanded

that Belgrade cooperate with an investigation into an alleged

ethnic massacre.

- - - -

KINSHASA - President Laurent Kabila put Congolese on war

alert against Rwanda as Rwandan- backed rebels advanced deeper

into the former Zaire, seizing an oil port on the Atlantic coast

in the extreme west.

- - - -

WASHINGTON - NATO and European troops will hold exercises in

Albania the week after next and in Macedonia in September to

warn Yugolsav President Slobodan Milosevic to end military

action in Kosovo, the Pentagon said.

- - - -

WASHINGTON - The World Bank approved a $1.5 billion loan for

Russia, including an immediate cash injection of $300 million,

to support the battered economy and change the way gas, oil and

rail monopolies do business.

- - - -

UNITED NATIONS - The Security Council expressed grave

concern at a sharp escalation of fighting in Afghanistan and

demanded an urgent and unconditional ceasefire.

- - - -

WASHINGTON - A federal judge ordered Microsoft Corp. to make

available top executives, including Chairman Bill Gates, and key

software code to government lawyers building an antitrust suit

against the software giant.

- - - -

ABUJA - Nigeria's military Provisional Ruling Council met to

discuss setting up a new electoral commission and replacing a

sacked cabinet of ministers, government sources said.

- - - -

WASHINGTON - President Bill Clinton and British Prime

Minister Tony Blair discussed in a telephone conversation ways

to halt a Serb offensive against ethnic Albanians in Kosovo, a

White House spokesman said.

- - - -

BANGKOK - Human rights group Amnesty International demanded

that Myanmar release political prisoners to mark the 10th

anniversary of a bloody crackdown on pro-democracy activists. <

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