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08/06/1998 21:23:15 Clinton says Iraqi moves "unacceptable"

WASHINGTON, Aug 6 (Reuters) - President Bill Clinton on

Thursday called Iraq's refusal to cooperate with U.N. arms

inspectors "unacceptable" and said it only strengthens U.S.

resolve to keep sanctions in place.

"Unless Iraq reverses course and cooperates fully with

international weapons inspectors, the United States will stop

any and all efforts to alter the sanctions regime," Clinton

said in a statement issued by the White House.

"Iraq's latest refusal to cooperate with the international

weapons inspectors is unacceptable," Clinton said.

"Far from hastening the day the international community

lifts sanctions against Iraq, as Iraq intends, its failure to

live up to its obligations will perpetuate those sanctions and

keep the Iraqi economy under tight international control," he


Clinton's comments came following a meeting in New York of

the U.N. Security Council.

Iraq on Wednesday announced it would not cooperate with

U.N. arms inspectors, contending they have come under the

influence of the United States.

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