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08/06/1998 04:56:50 ЗАГОЛОВКИ мировых новостей Рейтер 06.00 МСК

UNITED NATIONS - Chief U.N. weapons inspector Richard Butler

said he had instructed U.N. disarmament teams in Baghdad to

continue working normally after Iraq said it would suspend

cooperation with the U.N.

- - - -

ORAHOVAC, Serbia - Serbian authorities displayed what they

said were the graves of 40 separatist guerrillas and sharply

denied reports of an ethnic massacre.

- - - -

KINSHASA - A revolt against President Laurent Kabila widened

in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, with his foreign

minister defecting to the rebels and fighting reported in the

nation's third city of Kisangani.

- - - -

ISLAMABAD - Pakistan said shelling duels in Kashmir could

get out of hand as it reported 11 more deaths from Indian firing

into the Pakistani side of the disputed Himalayan region.

- - - -

SRINAGAR, India - Cross-border firing continued along the

disputed Kashmir border on Wednesday and the death toll from

seven days of clashes between Indian and Pakistani troops

climbed above 100.

- - - -

UNITED NATIONS - Indonesia and Portugal agreed to hold

in-depth discussions on Indonesia's proposals for a "special

status, based on a wide-ranging autonomy" for East Timor,

according to a communique issued after two days of talks.

- - - -

CANTERBURY, England - Anglican bishops from around the world

launched into a heated and divisive debate over the place of

homosexuals within the church.

- - - -

RAMALLAH, West Bank - Palestinian President Yasser Arafat

announced a long-awaited cabinet reshuffle but stunned

legislators by keeping ministers they had wanted sacked for

alleged corruption and mismanagement.

- - - -

WASHINGTON - President Bill Clinton got a warm welcome from

Democrats in Congress as Monica Lewinsky prepared to testify to

grand jurors in the scandal engulfing Clinton's presidency.

- - - -

PHNOM PHEN - Government leader Hun Sen's Cambodian People's

Party (CPP) won the country's July 26 election according to

preliminary results, but officials from opposition parties

contesting the result remained sceptical.

- - - -

JOHANNESBURG - African leaders will meet in Zimbabwe on

Friday to discuss the widening conflict in the Democratic

Republic of Congo, officials said.

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